9" Premium Firm Futon Mattress

9" Premium Firm Futon Mattress

The 9" premium firm is a firmer feeling futon mattress which is perfect for heavier users or for someone who prefers a stiffer, more resistant surface for sitting or sleeping. It folds well for use on futon sofa frames and works well on any form of flat or platform style bed frame as well.

This model is available in sizes to fit all futon frames.

29"chair - 29"W X 54"D

39"chair - 39"W X 54"D

39" extension - 39"W X 21"D

Single - 39"W X 75"D

Double love seat - 54"W X 54"D

Love seat extension - 54"W X 21"D

Double - 75"W X 54"D

Queen - 80"W X 60"D


9" Premium Firm Futon Mattress

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